Our Customer Operations Group (COG) work with us to help us understand what matters to our customers. Made up of six customer members together with three senior members of staff, our approach means that we are transparent in the work that we do, that customers are able to hold us to account and ultimately influence decisions taken that affect our customers.

COG are involved in a range of activities including joint planning days with our Board and scrutinising our systems. They meet quarterly but also have their own app to ensure their viewpoints are constantly streamed into the heart of the organisation.

COG have recently been involved in reviewing our strategy and have looked at a number of internal reviews together with us including:

- Our repairs scheduling service
- Our repairs scope of service
- Our complaints process

The Group has also recently reviewed our tenancy, lettings and allocations policies.

COG aim to understand what really matters to customers and become a truly representative customer voice.

Meet the team:

Cy Edmondson - Chair

Diane Ranner

Nancy Maduakoh

Tracey Haynes

Louise Supple

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