Your feedback is extremely important to us, we are committed to listening and using your feedback to continuously improve what we do. Below are some examples of where we have listened and made changes to how we deliver our services. 

You Said

It is difficult to speak to someone about an existing door, window, kitchen or bathroom replacement.

We Did

We have changed our telephone menu options so that customers can get through to the team directly.

You Said

It is unclear which Grounds we are responsible to maintain.


We Did 

We are looking at better ways of making it clearer what land is Flagship’s responsibility to maintain and how often we will attend.


You Said 

It can take too long to answer repair calls at some times of the day.

We Did 

Recruited more Planners to increase support during peak periods.

Making the most of your feedback

We don't just collect feedback, we make sure that we listen. Our priority is to put things right every time that they go wrong.

You Said 

Some enquiries can take more than one call to our Contact Centres.

We Did 

Provided more specialist training to Customer Service Advisors so more enquiries are resolved in the first instance.


Complaints and Feedback

October to December 2019

October to December 2019


We received 82 complaints

We understand from these complaints we need to concentrate on improving communication and reduce the wait time for some repairs.

We achieved 98% satisfaction in resolving customer complaints during the period


We received over 4,700 pieces of feedback

The main talking points included polite and friendly front line teams and ease when contacting us.

We have upgraded our systems so that we can attend more appointments at your convenience and provide you with more accurate timescales for repairs to be completed.

Your voice matters

Listening to our customers helps us improve what we do.

See how we have performed this year where even more of our customers have had their say about the services we provide.

How to make a complaint

We aim to provide an outstanding service for our customers. However, we understand that sometimes things go wrong and you may be dissatisfied with the service you have received. We want to put things right together as soon as they come to our attention.

If you remain dissatisfied about the decisions, actions or failures of Flagship or RFT, after we have had the opportunity to put things right, we will handle your issue as a complaint.


You can contact us by using one of the methods here

Once we receive your enquiry, a member of our staff will investigate the problem and try to find the best way to put things right, ensuring you understand what is happening and when.  

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