We’re Flagship Homes. We provide homes for sale and private rent - not just places to live, but places to love. Whatever your circumstances, we have a home for you. 

We’re different. We have a social purpose. We reinvest any profit we make into providing more affordable homes - we call it profit for purpose. And as part of Flagship Group, we’re solving the housing crisis. So, by making a Flagship Home your home, you’re helping us to do just that...

Homes for sale

We take pride in choosing only the best locations, creating not just places to live, but also places to love. Our homes are traditionally built to the highest quality and designed with modern living in mind. Whether you’re retiring, commuting, starting on the property ladder, or raising a family, we have a home for you.

Become a shared owner

Purchase the home you love, at an affordable price! Shared ownership is another way to get onto the property ladder, with less money than you may think. You buy a bit, rent a bit, and can increase your shares as you go. For some, it’s better than renting as it’s under your control – yours to decorate and sell whenever you want.