A mutual exchange is way for social housing residents to find a move by swapping homes with another social housing resident.

House exchange

An approved Flagship partner, House Exchange is a service which lets customers of local authorities and housing associations across the UK search for mutual exchanges.  There are thousands of customers registered across the country and you can search for local, regional or national exchanges.

If you are interested in mutually exchanging your property visit www.houseexchange.org.uk.

What is a house exchange [pdf]

Please watch this video to understand our terms and conditions before proceeding

What you need to know

Important: please read the following notes carefully

Things you need to know

• Please do not make plans to move until permission has been confirmed.

• We have 42 days to make a decision as to whether or not your exchange will be approved.

• Your account must not be in rent arrears, tenancy breached or have an active anti-social behaviour case.


Inspecting The Property

• We will need to visit you and inspect your property. Any adaptions or changes you’ve made to your home which doesn’t meet building regulations (link to what this means) or have been done without permission, we may ask this to be put back to its original condition.


Withdrawing The Application

Any parties involved can withdraw their application at any time. Flagship will not be responsible for any inconvenience or expenses incurred.


Type of Tenancy

If you have an Assured or secure lifetime tenancy which started before 1st April 2012 your tenancy is protected and you will be offered a new Assured or secure lifetime tenancy.

You cannot apply for an exchange on a starter tenancy.

To proceed to the application form click below to confirm you accept the conditions above

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