As a customer, it’s important you are aware of your responsibilities and what is and isn’t acceptable while living in one of our homes. This section provides information about the different tenancy responsibilities, home insurance, making alterations to your home, anti-social behaviour and fraud.


As with any tenancy there are certain things we as landlords are responsible for, and there are certain things you as a customer are responsible for.

The You and Your Home documents are a little different for Affordable Homes, Shared Ownership and Market Rented customers - make sure you're reading the right one, and if you have any questions just ask your Housing Officer.

Affordable rent customers

Shared ownership customers

Market rent customers

Health and safety

Communal areas

These should be kept clear of all belongings including bicycles, pushchairs, household items and mobility scooters.  Corridors are escape routes and should be kept clear at all times.

You must comply with any health, safety or fire advice given by our staff or contractors, and you must not do anything that will put you or anyone else in danger.


Fire safety

We want you to be safe in your home. Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility and we all need to do our bit to help prevent fires.


What we do to ensure your safety

  • Regularly inspect and maintain your building, so it meets safety standards
  • Carry out regular fire risk assessments in properties with internal communal areas (hallways and corridors)
  • Install smoke and heat detectors in all our new properties and as part of a significant upgrade
  • Service and maintain fire alarm systems in your building
  • Have a five-year plan to install smoke detectors in all domestic properties
  • Carry out electrical tests to all communal areas


What you need to do to ensure your safety

  • Test your smoke alarms weekly and report to us if they are not working
  • Let us know if you spot any fire hazards in communal areas
  • Don’t overload plug sockets, replace sockets which are broken or have loose connections
  • Do not use portable gas heaters, paraffin heaters or store any flammable liquid in your home other than small amounts of household products
  • Adhere to our ‘Stay Safe’ policy. Details of how the policy relates to your home can be found in your communal area. In the event of a fire in another property, you should be safe to stay inside your own home. However, if you do not feel safe, you should exit the building.

Gas safety

We provide annual gas servicing in our properties to keep our customers safe. It is important you allow us to carry out gas safety checks on the appliances in your home.


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If you have any concerns please contact us.

Home contents insurance

Insuring your possessions is your responsibility.

Remember when it comes to finding the best insurance policy for your home; you must take reasonable care to give accurate and appropriate information to questions asked when applying for cover or your claim may be rejected.

Features available on Flagships Homes Contents Scheme include;

  • New for old cover (except for clothing and linen)
  • No excess
  • Additional cover available for accidental damage, and loss away from the home for your personal belongings, wheelchairs and hearing aids (additional premium)
  • Cover for tenants’ home improvements at no extra cost


We remind all customers to take out Home Contents Insurance. By all means shop around, but take a look at our offering via AVIVA.

Altering your home

If you want to alter your home, for example put up a shed or fix anything to your home (such as a satellite dish), you must get permission from us before you start any work. You will need to contact us to let us know your proposals and provide details of who will be carrying out the work – they need to be a qualified tradesperson.

We are not against alterations, but we do have to make sure they don’t cause damage to the building or services. You will also need to check if any other consents are required, such as planning permission.

To apply for permission, contact us on 0808 168 4555 or email detailing your request in full

We will consider your request and contact you detailing the terms and conditions of the permission, if granted.

If you end your tenancy, you may be asked to remove any alterations made to the property.

Aids and Adaptations

We want you to be able to enjoy living in your home. If you are finding it difficult to move around in your home because of a long-term illness or disability, we may be able to help make things easier by installing aids and adaptations. They include things like grab rails, ramps, walk-in showers and stair lifts.

If you require one of these adaptations, first contact the Social Services department at your local council. They will arrange for an Occupational Therapist to visit you in your home to assess your needs.


After an assessment is carried out and sent to us we will consider the urgency, suitability and cost of the adaptation. We will require written proof of the assessment.

If the recommended work is expensive to carry out, we may not be able to meet the full cost and may ask you to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant from your local council. You can find out more about the Disabled Facilities Grant on the Government website

For more information about aids and adaptations please contact us.

Anti-social behaviour

We want our customers to be able to enjoy their lives without being anxious about crime, disorder or domestic abuse.

Anti-social behaviour includes:

  • Harassment, aggressive and threatening language and behaviour
  • Violence towards people or property
  • Excessive loud noise
  • Domestic violence
  • Substance misuse
  • Hate crime
  • Pets being allowed to cause a nuisance

If someone is causing anti-social behaviour and this affects you, you should try and discuss things calmly and politely with them first - they may not realise they are causing a problem.

If the situation does not get any better, contact us on 0808 1684555 and speak to your Housing Officer in the first instance.

We will assess the nature of your complaint and take action where possible. If there has been violence or threat of violence, you should contact the Police immediately by dialling 101, or 999 in an emergency.


We have a zero tolerance policy towards fraud. Any reports of actual or suspected fraud will be taken seriously. 
Fraud comes in many different forms. These are some of the types of fraud you may encounter:

  • Housing Fraud - fraudulant Right To Buy claims, illegally sub-letting your property.
  • Repairs and Maintenance Fraud - having work done that you are not entitled to.
  • Procurement Fraud - theft of goods and supplies.
  • Benefit Fraud - false housing applications and obtaining benefits you are not entitled to.
  • Bribery - collusion between employee and customer or contractor and customer.
  • Money Laundering - hiding the origin of the proceeds of crime such as sham transactions to make the source of the money appear to be genuine.


Please click here to report any incidents of suspected fraud.

Condensation advice

Condensation can lead to problems which look unsightly but can also cause damage to your home. Our Combating Condensation leaflet has lots of top tips for you.

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