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Not just places to live,
but places to love.

Buying a Flagship home

Buying options

Flagship Homes provides beautiful homes for outright sale, shared ownership and rent. Whether you’re retiring, commuting, starting on the property ladder, or raising a family, we have a home for you. Our homes are traditionally built to the highest quality, designed with modern living in mind and sustainable features.

We take pride in choosing only the best locations, creating not just places to live, but also places to love.

Outright sale

Outright sale, sometimes referred to as market sale, is the traditional method of purchasing a property, whether it be by cash or financed with a mortgage.

To find out more about our outright sale homes, please click here.

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Shared ownership

Purchase the home you love, at an affordable price! By purchasing a percentage of a property, and paying rent on the remaining share, you can get onto the property ladder with less money than you may think.

Find out more about our shared ownership homes.

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First Homes

First Homes is a new scheme designed to support local first-time buyers and key workers on to the property ladder, by offering homes with a discount of at least 30% of the full outright sale value.

We are yet to offer any at Flagship Homes however do stay tuned for more information or check out the Government website for more details.

Building your Flagship home

The work that goes into building high quality homes is carried out by experts and managed from start to finish by dedicated teams of builders and craftspeople, ready for you to make your own.

We use precise measuring equipment to set out the foundations of each plot. We then excavate the area and pour in concrete, giving a secure base upon which to build your new home.

The first thing to be constructed are low level walls. Once they’re up, we lay the drainage pipework and install the ground floor. Then we can extend the walls up to the first floor if we’re building a house, or up to roof level if it’s a bungalow. We leave space for doors and windows as we go, and the last part of this step is to erect scaffolding.

If we’re constructing a house, we’ll now build the first floor. We then extend the scaffolding up another level and continue the brickwork up to the roof.

Next, it’s onto the roof. We’ll build a secure timber roof structure and extend the brickwork to enclose your new loft space. Once that’s complete, we’ll lay roofing felt and then tile on top of that – the colour of the tiles will depend on the style of your home. Finally, we’ll fit guttering and rainwater pipes, and then we can remove the scaffolding.

Now your home is really starting to take shape, it’s time for us to install windows and doors.

It’s time to turn our attention to the inside of your new home. We’ll build the interior partition walls, which establishes the different rooms inside your home depending on your floorplan. We’ll lay wiring to provide electricity to each room, and these are hidden within the walls and ceilings, as is all the plumbing pipework. Next, we fit plasterboard to the walls and ceilings and begin working on the joinery of your stairs, porch and door linings.

In most cases, we’ll plaster all the walls in your new home ready for decorating. We paint all the rooms in a neutral colour.

This is the point where we connect your energy meters and TV, phone and internet points, ready for you to setup with your new provider. We’ll also finish the joinery by hanging the internal doors and fitting skirting boards and door architraves.

One of the biggest transformations happens when we install your new kitchen, and fit new electrical sockets, switches and fans throughout your home. Then it’s onto plumbing your bathroom and toilets! This includes installing your heating system, finishing the pipework, and connecting the sinks, toilets, baths and showers.

We’ll tidy up any mess we’ve made along the way, ready for professional decorators to come in and carry out the finishing touches. We then install the final items in your home, including door handles, extractor fans and your white goods.

If your home comes with a garage, we’ll now construct that from the ground up. Foundations, then walls and roof, then onto the doors and electricity.

Outside your home, we’ll lay pavement, paths, patios and driveways. We’ll install any garden fences and gates, lay the turf and carry out any planting as applicable in your new garden.

Once all the building work has been completed, we carry out a snagging process. This means the contractor checks your new home from top to bottom, inside and out, to make sure everything’s as it should be, and then we do the same. Any snagging work will be carried out and signed off, and then it’s time for your home to be professionally cleaned for a second time before we collate the final paperwork and collect the keys.

While we’ve been busy building your new home, you’ve been working your way through the purchase process! This is the final stage, whereby the legal completion of your sale is confirmed and you’re ready to take ownership. You’ll meet with the Sales team who will show you where your new meters are and take readings with you, and then hand over the keys to your brand new home!