Not just places to live,
but places to love.

Affordable for all

Sometimes we all need a helping hand

Beyond our health and relationships, there’s nothing quite as important to us as our home, and being able to afford to stay in your home is about more than just rent - it’s about how we live, the support we can access and how we look after ourselves.

There are lots of ways we can help you and your household deal with the cost of living crisis. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get started.

Supporting you with the cost of living

We recognise that getting the help you need can sometimes be harder than it should be. Our team are here to help you find the resources and support you’re entitled to. They can help you:

Access financial support
Review your household budget
Get support with household essentials, including food vouchers

Financial support and running your household

No matter how big your home or how many people live in it, the amount it costs to keep it running are going up – for everyone. And while there is no telling when costs will go back down to normal, we can help you stay in your home and keep it affordable.

We can help you look through your income and outgoings and see if there are any obvious ways to make things a little easier. Plus, if your appliances are old and not energy efficient, for example, we might be able to help you with newer ones which cost less to run.